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The Penn Street Mortgage Planning Approach

The Penn Street Mortgage planning approach begins with a short discussion addressing personal & financial goals.  When clear goals have been established we need to take into account:  taxes, cash flow analysis, debt managment and ultimately wealth creation.  A Penn Street Mortgage planner is a trusted advisor, who treats their clients like family.  We would appreciate the opportunity to prove why our unique Mortgage Planning Approach will exceed your expectations.

Penn Street Mortgage was created on the foundation of bringing integrity and expertise back to the mortgage industry.  We understand your home is more than a mortgage; it is where family takes comfort, builds dreams and enjoys life.

We promise to always strive to help our clients Create Better Tomorrows, By Planning Today.

  • Did you know a mortgage could be the most important financial tool a person has available?
  • Did you know mortgage planning should coincide with retirement planning?
  • Did you know paying down your mortgage & investing in a 401k is counter-productive?

For answers to these questions and for other important information contact us today!

We thank our family, friends, and most importantly our clients for their continued support of Penn Street Mortgage.  We greatly appreciate your business.

Penn Street has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to providing my clients with a trusted mortgage professional. They work hands on with every client and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial and mortgage advice. Thank you Penn Street Mortgage for being such trusted professionals and I look forward to many more transactions together in the future.

Stephanie Uff

Penn Street Mortgage helped me secure a mortgage for my first home I purchased in September of 2009. Their knowledge of my financial needs, the market conditions, and process required gave me a comfort level and confidence I did not expect to have when making such a large purchase. Very easy to work with and extremely knowledgable.

Michael Altschuler

My wife and I were connected with PSM through a mutual friend and Real Estate Agent. Tom was incredibly thorough through-out our entire Mortgage process; he was always very helpful and informative on anything that was confusing. Even after our settlement he has still been helpful with any questions I might have. There was never any point where I questioned the validity of what Tom was telling me, and at no point in time did i feel as though Tom did not have my best interest at heart. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be using Tom Farnesi in the future and would recommend him to anyone.

Jonathan Habbershon

John was a true professional throughout the entire home buying experience. He took the time to explain the entire process step by step and went out of his way numerous times to ensure that we were knowledgeable and comfortable with our decisions. John also made his schedule extremely flexible for us as we were moving from out of state….he even called “just to check-in”, once closing was complete and we were in our new home. We have worked with John for several years now and he has earned our trust, respect and future business.

Kelly McMahon McCabe

Tom has always acted as a financial advisor, as well a mortgage professional towards my family. He has saved us money several times since we have conducted business with him and his company. He knows the industry second to no one and is always available for any type of financial advice.

Mark McLaughlin

Wow! What a professional. Should you choose to use John you are in very capable hands. Knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, easy to be in touch with, and no question should go unasked because he will educate you!. I have worked with John on numerous real estate transactions and have my clients and I have been so pleased. He makes a somewhat difficult transition so much easier! John has also worked with me for personal transactions. You won’t be disappointed in his work ethic or knowledge!

Carla Wasniewski

Tom provided us with great client service when we were buying our home. His knowledge of the mortgage business combined with his ability to stay calm and reassure us while guiding us through the process made our experience fantastic.

Duane Davis

John Carlson is not only professional, but he takes the time to really work with you so that you understand what is going on, and so you feel comfortable with your own financial decisions. I felt comfortable asking questions and always felt that John took the time to really explain the process. I never felt pressure to make any decisions on the spot, and I always felt like there were multiple options presented based on my level of financial needs. I would highly recommend John!!

Susan McMahon

Tom assisted me with my first home purchase (Nov 2007) and again with a refinance three years later (Dec 2010). He guided me through the whole experience answering all of my questions and took the time to slowly explain the process so I understood at all times what was going on. To have someone on my side with Tom’s expert knowledge made the huge decision of purchasing a house and refinancing my mortgage very simple. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, straight shooter to advise you, I would highly recommend Tom to any person looking to refinance or purchase a home.

Ken Berman

We have been very lucky to meet and work with John Carlson. We moved from California to Pennsylvania and worked with John on one mortgage and two refi’s.
John explained the ins and outs of PA mortgage and refi’s. John is also very pro-active. He will check if a refi would work for your situation or not.
John Carlson does not pressure you into making decisions, is very informative, and will work with you on a consistent, honest, reliable solution to your real estate mortgage.

Kick van Dolder